Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Night Guards & Sports Guards

Night Guards

Many people clench and grind their teeth without being aware. If you have any of the following, you may be clenching or grinding your teeth.

  • frequent headaches
  • sensitive teeth - especially to cold
  • insomnia
  • neck pain
  • a sore jaw
  • a clicking sound in the jaw
  • worn teeth or broken fillings
  • the inability to open or close your mouth comfortably
  • tinnitus - ringing in the ears

Grinding can cause irreversible damage by wearing down the teeth.  A solution to grinding is the fabrication of a night guard. 

A night guard helps to keep the jaw in a more comfortable position reducing jaw strain. It acts as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to eliminate tooth wear and can be a very effective solution to the above listed problems.

Sports Mouth Guards

We strongly recommend the use of mouth guards for anyone playing a sport where there is the potential to be struck in the face.

Our office will fabricate a custom-made mouth guard by making models of your teeth which allows us to fabricate a precise sport guard.  This mouth guard will exceed all other mouth guards in terms of protection, retention and comfort.